Investor Relations

Across Canada, our passion is providing our customers with a place to call home. These homes make up the neighbourhoods where we are proud to live, work and play, alongside our residents, hotel guests and commercial tenants. At Northview, we focus on our people and properties to provide value for our residents and Unitholders, while investing in the communities we serve.

With over 24,000 residential suites in more than 60 markets across eight provinces and two territories, Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust is Canada's third largest publicly traded multi-family REIT.  While our portfolio consists primarily of multi-family residential property, including apartments, townhomes and single family apartment buildings, we also own and manage execusuites and hotels where the rental period ranges from a few days to several months, as well as a number of commercial properties across Canada.

While our roots are built in Canada's north, we are also located in some of Canada's largest urban areas and key secondary markets across the country. In many of our regions, we are the leading residential landlord, including in key centers for commodity-based industries. Our diverse locations enable us to deliver stable and growing profitability and cash distributions to our Unitholders over time.

A strong balance sheet and low and sustainable payout ratio contribute to our ability to provide growing, sustainable distributions to our Unitholders, while supporting our continued and future growth.

At Northview, our Unitholders and residents are in good hands. Our executive team and Board of Trustees have extensive experience managing real estate assets and creating value for REIT Unitholders and across Canada, our regional teams live within each community, providing exceptional service to our residents and ensuring each property is maintained to our high standards.

Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust was formed in 2015 following a transaction which brought together Northern Property REIT, True North Apartment REIT and a number of privately held residential properties.

We are traded on the TSX under the ticker symbol: NVU.UN. 


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