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Code of Conduct

Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (Northview) is a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and operates in compliance with all laws, legislation, rules and regulations that govern such companies.

Northview instills in the trustees and employees of the Trust the need for high ethical standards in its dealing with stakeholders.

Northview's Business Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) is applicable to trustees, officers and employees of the Trust and its subsidiaries. The Code focuses on providing standards which are designed to encourage and promote integrity and to minimize or eliminate wrongdoing. It has provisions dealing with the treatment of tenants, securityholders, suppliers and competitors. The Code specifies procedures respecting the proper use of the Trust's assets. It also has provisions respecting confidentiality of information and conflicts of interest. All Northview employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this Code. More detailed instructions may be appropriate for certain geographic regions where Northview operates, and employees are encouraged to educate themselves on the local customs and culture in these regions while maintaining standards that are not contradictory to the Code.

Northview's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is an evolving document which will be amended and updated as appropriate by Board of Trustee authority.

Northview has a Whistleblower Policy. This policy provides employees and trustees the background information and procedures for reporting suspected contraventions to Northview's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and reporting fraud or securities law violations. Please click here to be redirected to our Whistleblower information page



Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Policy
Accessibility for Ontarian's with Disability Act (AODA)  
Customer Service Policy (AODA)
Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) Policy (AODA)