What is sprinter you say? It's a term all non-west-coast-Canadians know all too well. Winter is over! But only sort of! Sunshine and spring! Is that snow? Now I'm wearing shorts! Look, flowers! Oh, they died from frost.

Yep, it may be the most frustrating time of year. All your typical winter activities are officially shut down – outdoor ice rinks have melted, ski hills are closed for the season, hockey is coming to an end. But the weather outside is only slightly better, so it's not time for the full-blown shorts and tank tops summer activities yet. 

Calgary is famous for its up and down weather, and sprinter is no exception. You will certainly get some over 20 degree days, but the temperature will typically hover around 10-12 degrees. What can you do in this weather? There are tons of great options!

  1. Go to the Calgary zoo – If you love seeing all the different types of animals, this is a fun activity, especially for families. The zoo gets extremely busy in the summer months, so going on those more mild days means smaller crowds, which makes the day a little more enjoyable.
  2. Go for a walk/bike ride in Fish Creek, Nose Hill – It can be tough to motivate yourself to do these activities when it's not quite spring/summer weather, but once you get going, the 10 degree mark is quite comfortable for exercise.
  3. Attend one of the many May events – There is a lot going on in Calgary in May. Beerfest, a Theatre Calgary play, the re-opening of Calaway Park and Heritage Park– attend one of the many local events! See a list of these events here


Just outside of Calgary:

  1. Make a day trip to Bragg Creek – go for a hike along one of the many trails, and treat yourself to an ice cream at Frontier Candy afterwards!





  1. Or keep going on highway 1 out to Canmore! One of our favourite hiking trails is the Grassi Lakes Trail, which is a semi-challenging hike that leads you up to two beautiful emerald lakes with stunning views along the way.


We've only scratched the surface of activities in and around Calgary during this chilly/hot/warm/freezing time of year. You'll soon learn to love Sprinter! Or, you know, tolerate it a little better.

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Enjoy the outdoors!

-LaToya at Northview