We are now entering full-blown summer in Canada and that means it's time to embrace all our outdoor activities! Today we are featuring activities in one of our Northview neighbourhoods, Fort McMurray!

Fort McMurray is a diverse community surrounded by boreal forest and close to many lakes and rivers. There is over 400 hectares of parks with 130 kilometres of trails for all to enjoy!

The Birchwood Trails are great for walking and running, and even offer an outdoor green gym. Equipment is set up all along the trail, offering a great opportunity to incorporate different fitness challenges while walking the trail.

30 km north of Fort McMurray, you will find the Crane Lake Nature Trail. This trail is perfect for all bird watchers and nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Standard fishing is readily available at the many lakes and rivers, but if you're looking for something different to do (or looking to catch a bigger fish!), try an escape to one of the many fishing lodges in the area! The different fishing lodge options are all listed here.

Athabasca Dunes

If you're looking for something different to do, explore the Athabasca Dunes Ecological Reserve – Alberta's moving desert! Home to multiple different flora and fauna as well as many different animals, this unique reserve is something you need to see.

We've only scratched the surface of everything Fort McMurray has to offer this summer, so we encourage you to check out the Fort McMurray tourism site here.

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