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    Creating the Perfect Home Office

    Creating the Perfect Home Office

    Living in an apartment can be frustrating when it comes down to space. If you're living in a one bedroom...

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    Fall Inspired DIYs

    Fall Inspired DIY Crafts

    Fall is here! Kids are back in school, and the morning air is crisp. For some, it feels like Summer left a giant gaping hole, and for others the coming season just means they can fill that hole with pumpkin spice lattes. So, whether you're grieving summer's departure or celebrating this new...

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    Tips For Living With Roommates

    1.) Communicate With Each Other

    If you think there are things that should be addressed, such as dishes not being cleaned, politely ask if there are ways you and your roommates can make the kitchen cleaner. If you have to address a concern with a roommate, avoid questioning their behaviour and ask them if there is a solution because they...

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    How to Save While Renting

    How to Save Money While Renting

    "The new index also includes metrics on overcrowding and overspending, and shows 18 per cent of the country's renters are devoting at least 50 per cent of their income to pay for shelter" -https://www.theglobeandmail...

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    Thrifted Decorating

    Decorating with Thrift Store Finds

    You can decorate and furnish your space on a dime; thrifting! Whether you're looking to give your home a...