Every July from the 6th - 15th people come from around Canada to experience "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth". Besides the rides, the Calgary Stampede has a lot of new and exciting attractions this year – here are 5 reasons you should check it out!

1. The Grandstand Show turns 50!

Photo: Calgary Stampede

For those who have never been to a Grandstand Show – it is an iconic Stampede performance and this year they will be celebrating their 50th year! With this milestone the show will focus on the Calgary Community, and will feature performances from international and world class acrobats, athletes, and musicians.

"The show will take audiences on an awe-inspiring journey through spectacular and heartwarming pieces that will leave guests feeling an incredible warmth and pride for our community - Calgary." – Calgary Stampede

2. Have you ever tried a Cricket Grilled Cheese?

"Add an extra crunch to your grilled cheese! We dare you to try this delicacy made of our signature four-cheese blend on thick Texas-style toast, topped with a healthy serving of crunchy, tasty crickets." – Calgary Stampede

If crickets aren't your thing, the Stampede this year will feature a variety of interesting and mouth-watering food! Warning : Prepare to have dreams of the Hot Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches until July. Here are some top food and drink picks from the Stampede!

Cricket Grilled Cheese

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

Hot Ice Cream Sandwiches
"We've married fresh, hot doughnuts with smooth, creamy ice cream! The ultimate combination of hot and cold, delivered in mouthwatering style." – Calgary Stampede

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

The Hangover Mac & Cheese
"Everything you could possibly want after a night out on the town. Classic, creamy and gourmet macaroni and cheese, blended with frothy beer and topped with smashed potato chips and pretzels." – Calgary Stampede

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

"Straight off the streets of Tokyo, cool down with an iced cold piece of watermelon filled with watermelon ice cream! Every watermelon lover's dream has come true." – Calgary Stampede

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

Kit-Kat Fries
"A chocolate bar classic, split into sticks, coated in batter and deep fried. How can something so simple be so sweet?" – Calgary Stampede

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

Mexican Style Street Corn
"Roasted corn on the cob, brushed with Mexican crème, covered with a mixture of cheese, chili powder, garlic and cilantro, served with a lime wedge." – Calgary Stampede

​Photo: Calgary Stampede

3. Coca Cola Stage Line up

Photo: TripAdvisor

Every year the Coca Cola stage stacks a lineup of amazingly talented musicians, and this year is no different. Featuring rock, country, pop and alternative music there really is a show for everyone! Also, its free with admission – so it doesn't get any better than that.

Here's this year's lineup.

Alexisonfire – July 5th
Elle King – July 6th
Broken Social Scene – July 7th
Daniel Caesar – July 8th
The Rural Alberta Advantage – July 9th
Phantogram – July 9th
Our Lady Peace – July 10th
Sheryl Crow – July 11th
Walk of the Earth – July 12th
Lights – July 13th
Too Many Zooz – July 14th
The Funk Hunters – July 14th
Billy Talent – July 15th

4. Cowboy Up Challenge

Photo: Calgary Stampede

If  you've never been to a rodeo show or a race; The Cowboy Up challenge is a must see at the Stampede. It is the most well attended Extreme Cowboy Race in the world. With a $30, 000 purse and $10,000 going to the winner the event is highly competitive and makes for a great show. The riders demonstrate speed, agility and maneuver through a series of obstacles in this three part competition. See last year's Cowboy Up Challenge here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EatXTj4pPUs

5. Nashville North

Photo: Calgary Stampede

"Country music stars and non-stop parties" – Calgary Stampede

The Stampede would not be complete without Nashville North. A venue for live country music and seemingly never ending beer taps. Note : Two stepping is not required but is highly recommended for maximum country music enjoyment. This venue is 18+, check out the lineup for this year's Nashville North!

Gord Bamford, Petric, Meghan Patrick, Randy Houser, LOCASH, The Road Hammers, James Barker Band, The Washboard Union, The Dungarees, River Town Saints, Leaving Thomas