Hiking in Canada

1.) Killarny Park – Ontario
     Lake of the Woods

This hike is located near the Ontario border, and combines the environments from the south, the north and the prairies. At times during this hike you'll have a clear view of the Lake of the Woods and then at one point the trail takes a slight downwards turn and leads you right down to the lake's shore.

2.) Lake Louise - Alberta
     Lake Agnes Tea House

Photo: https://www.trover.com/d/1D1Vq-lake-agnes-tea-house-alberta-canada

A hike that ends with tea and a sandwich? Count me in. This trail is the most popular for those visiting Lake Louise, it includes a waterfall and Mirror Lake right before you reach the end of the trail. Hint: to get to Mirror lake, go left before you reach the wooden gates of the Teahouse.

3.) Kinney Lake - British Columbia
     Kinney Lake Trail

Photo: http://www.infinite-colours.com/canadian-rockies-springbreak/

This trail is great for those who want to stay and camp a night or two! It includes several campgrounds for hikers, the first one being a mere 2.5km from the start of Kinney Lake, and the other camp grounds are located another 2.5km up the hike and boast a clear view of the lake (book ahead for these spots @ www.discovercamping.ca).

4.) Meewasin Trail - Saskatchewan
     Chief Whitecap Park Trail

Photo: http://www.saskhiker.com/meewasin-s-whitecap-trail

Just south of Saskatoon the Chief Whitecap Trail going through a beautiful valley; an open prairie landscape at the top, and the river below. The beaches below are smooth and perfect for a mid hike picnic! (p.s- the best way to access this trail is through the newly completed trailhead located in Deifenbaker Park).

5.) Vallee Bras du Nord - Quebec
     Sentier Bras-du-Nord

Photo: http://www.valleebrasdunord.com/sentier-randonnee-brasdunord-english

This trail is for begginers and experts alike. The trial borders the river, and ends at Delaney Falls - the easy river access and smooth trails makes this one a classic in Vallee Bras du Nord.

6.) Near Banff, Alberta
     Bow Summit Lookout

Photo: KATE SIOBHAN MULLIGAN Via https://www.banfflakelouise.com/hiking/icefields-parkway-trails

A popular hike, the Bow Summit Lookout is just past the Peyto Summit and overlooks the Peyto Lake. The trail is surrounded mostly by dense forested area, however the summit will leave you in awe and make the 2.5Hour hike well worth it.

Always remember to bring lots of water, snacks and never adventure alone! Happy Hiking!