Decorating with Thrift Store Finds

You can decorate and furnish your space on a dime; thrifting! Whether you're looking to give your home a makeover or if you're starting fresh, thrift shopping is a fun and inexpensive way to find unique furniture and decorations! Here are some tips on how to thrift, and how to incorporate the pieces you find into your space!

Thrifting for Your Home

First tip: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You might be excited to decorate and head straight to your local flea market expecting to find the perfect lamp you've been dreaming of but, with thrifting that doesn't always happen! Don't fret though, thrifted treasures come with patience, so don't give up and try checking back in a few days.

When looking, try to keep an open mind – but stay focused. It's just as easy to get carried away as it is to get discouraged. If you find something you like, try doing a mental checklist : Will it fit in my space? Will it go well with my other decor? Does it need a lot of refurbishing? Is it worth it? Etc. You don't want to bring something home to have it sit in your basement untouched, so make sure you LOVE it.

Keeping an open mind is important too. Look for things that can be repurposed easily. For example this silver sugar bowl is used to hold cotton balls

"Injecting personal style and items with a story are what turn an average room into a stunning home"
Monica Lenore, Interior Designer

Incorporating Your Thrifted Pieces

This is the part where you can really let your creativity shine! Depending on what your purchases are, either you can go right ahead and use your new find in your home, or if your piece requires a bit of touching up – then it's time to get crafty! A common tip for when you're reviving an old piece of furniture is to take advantage of the parts that can be either stained or spray painted a different colour. By changing a detail like a metal trim from gold to silver, or adding colour to wooden legs of a stool you can completely transform your piece!

Not everything has to match! You don't have to spray paint everything the same colour to have it look good and "match". Older, vintage patterns on furniture and ornate decor can look chic when paired with a newer item or something you already own!

"They don't have to go together, they just have to look interesting together,"
Kelly LaPlante, Interior Designer

Happy thrifting!