Tips For Living With Roommates

1.) Communicate With Each Other

If you think there are things that should be addressed, such as dishes not being cleaned, politely ask if there are ways you and your roommates can make the kitchen cleaner. If you have to address a concern with a roommate, avoid questioning their behaviour and ask them if there is a solution because they...

août 16, 2018
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How to Save While Renting

How to Save Money While Renting

"The new index also includes metrics on overcrowding and overspending, and shows 18 per cent of the country's renters are devoting at least 50 per cent of their income to pay for shelter" -https://www.theglobeandmail...

juillet 25, 2018

DIY Pots and Planters

Making planters and pots yourself is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon, and is a fun activity to try with friends. These DIY crafts won't put a dent in your wallet, and don't require more than a couple hours! 


Book Succulent Pots

This DIY planter is a unique addition to...

mai 28, 2018

Quoi faire à Fort McMurray

L'été est là et il est temps de sortir! Venez voir tout ce que Fort McMurray a à offrir!

juin 20, 2017
DIY, Décor

Relooking de meubles bricolage avec peinture à la craie

Avez-vous déjà fait défiler pinterest, vu une belle pièce de mobilier repeint bricolage et pensé, "c'est bien, mais il n'y a aucun moyen que je puisse faire ça!" LaToya à Northview est là pour vous dire que c'est possible, et qu'elle peut complètement transformer votre appartement en location!
mai 18, 2017