Relations avec les investisseurs

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Under the terms in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (the "DRIP"), Unitholders of record may elect to automatically reinvest monthly distributions in exchange for additional Northview Trust Units without brokerage fees. Participants will receive cash distributions in Trust Units and receive additional Trust Units equivalent to 3% of cash distribution reinvested in the DRIP. Trust Units purchased through the DRIP will be issued directly from Northview's treasury at the average market price of the Trust Units in the five trading days preceding the distribution payable date. Participation in the DRIP is optional and will not impact Unitholder's cash distribution unless they elect to participate in the DRIP.
Eligible Unitholders who are interested in participating may enroll by completing the Reinvestment Enrollment Participant – Declaration form and submitting to Computershare Trust Company of Canada.