Support for our Fort McMurray Residents

Update as of June 6:

Our professional cleaning company will be cleaning fridges in all suites between June 7 and 10. Photos will be taken of the contents of each fridge, and any food disposed of will be itemized for your insurance purposes. These will be provided to all residents upon request.

A 24 hour notice of entry was delivered to all suites this morning. If you do not want us to enter and clean your fridge, please email stating you do not want us to enter your unit to clean your fridge. These will be the only dates this option is available to you so if you do choose to not have your fridge cleaned by Northview then the responsibility will lie with you. Please be sure to include your name, building address and suite number in your response.

If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number at 1-866-557-5766.

Update as of June 3: 

We are pleased to announce that all Northview Fort McMurray residents have successfully begun to return to their homes, in accordance with the Province of Alberta's re-entry schedule. All of our 17 buildings in Fort McMurray sustained no major damage from the fires and only minimal restoration will be required. While our buildings are fully operational and safe, there may be a smoke smell in some buildings and we are working with a restoration company to resolve this. Our cleanup will continue throughout the month of June.

We would like to stress the importance of reviewing the re-entry packages provided by the province before you return and remind those with medical conditions as identified by the province to delay your re-entry. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service team at 1.866.557.5766.

We look forward to welcoming you home!

Update as of May 26:

Our Northview team received approval to re-enter Fort McMurray in advance of the voluntary re-entry for residents. Starting today, our team will be inspecting buildings and suites to determine any repairs that may be required before our buildings are ready for occupancy. During suite inspections, contents of your suite will not be touched, however we may need to dispose of fridges and their contents. Please note that if your fridge is disposed of, it will be replaced prior to your return.

We appreciate the patience of our residents as we conduct these inspections and anticipate announcing target dates for our residents to return to their Fort McMurray homes early next week. Once information is available, Northview's website, Twitter and Facebook page will be updated.

Update as of May 20:

Our immediate priority continues to be providing housing to our Northview residents from Fort McMurray for the remainder of May. If you require housing, please contact us at 1.866.557.5766 and we will make arrangements for you to stay in one of our Northview rental communities across Canada.

We are pleased to announce that rent will not be charged for the months of May or June 2016 for Fort McMurray Northview residents. Those who paid for the month of May will have payments credited to future rent following the return to their homes in Fort McMurray. If you did not pay May rent, your account will be credited for May. For residents who pay electronically, these payments will not be processed for June. All credits will be automatically processed for all Fort McMurray residents.

We want to welcome you home as quickly as possible and have developed a comprehensive plan to ensure a prompt return once local officials determine it is safe to do so. Once our teams are allowed back into Fort McMurray, inspections of each building will be completed and necessary repairs may be required before we determine our buildings are ready for occupancy.

We will announce target dates for each building's return once our assessments of work required have been completed. We are working with officials to gain early access to conduct inspections, however if we are unable to get early access the return date for you will be later than the general re-entry date for the city of Fort McMurray. As information is available,, our Twitter and Facebook. pages will be updated.  

We continue to encourage everyone to visit the following websites for up to date information on the fire and assistance available to you: